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Smoke-bombs and Bluebells

Updated: Jan 24

This story started a few years ago when we photographed a wedding in St Austell for a lovely couple, Magen & Craig.

We have always kept in contact since then, now Magen is a very talented make up artist and beautician.

So when we heard Magen was asking for some ladies to be models for her portfolio and have their photos taken, the first thing we asked was did she want to collaborate with us? We are glad to say she said yes!

So the planning began! After messaging for a bit we came up with some ideas which allowed us to have a free hand at the shoot and Magen wanted to incorporate a few things like smoke bombs and flowers etc.

We had arranged to meet Magen in the carpark at Kingswood woods and it was so nice to see her again after not seeing her since the wedding.

While Magen got herself ready we had a look around the area to see where we could take some great shots for her portfolio.

The first lady arrived and Magen did a fantastic job with her make up and now it was our turn to have some fun.

Magen wanted head shots for her portfolio but allowed us to shoot and edit in our style as hopefully you can see from the images.

We have to say this was the first collaboration we have done for a while but WOW ! did we enjoy it, who wouldn't, playing with smoke bombs and doing the job you love.

If you would you love a friendly talented person to do your makeup or beauty treatment then contact Magen and visit her facebook page here.

While we were finding places to shoot we found some bluebells still flowering, how good are these and who doesn't love bluebells in the woods.

We did have some fun and tried some different type of shots, but what was challenging and fun at the same time was the smoke-bombs, we had different colours which Magen had purchased but we found that the darker colours worked best in these images.

Overall we had a great day with these amazing ladies but most of all Magen got some images for her portfolio and the ladies got some images to keep from Magen.

If there are any businesses out there reading this that would like to collaborate, please get in touch so we can talk about your ideas or any help we can give regarding photoshoots.

Contact us at.

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