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"Capturing the Magic: Tiff & Paul's Intimate Wedding at Lukesland Gardens"

Woodland walk for bride & groom

This was our first ever visit to the beautiful Lukesland Gardens in Ivybridge Devon, capturing the magic of Tiff & Paul's intimate wedding at this was for the celebration for Tiff & Paul.

Tiff & Paul had visited the registry office two days before for the marriage to do the legal bit but this was a beautiful venue to have the blessing which was carried out by Tiff's dad and witnessed by their close family & friends.

Lukesland Gardens is such an amazing place for a wedding or even visit, we visited here a week or so before with Tiff & Paul to have a look around with them and there are so many lovely places for a couples session.

You can see from the images how beautiful this place really is, if you get the chance then take a visit but check before you go as it's only open certain times of the year as it's a private house.

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