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Woodbury Park Wedding Devon - Lucie & Peter

Bride and groom kissing

Lucie and Peter got married at the lovely Woodbury Park Wedding  Devon on a beautiful August summers day 2022.

Jess was heavily pregnant with Lily at this wedding which seams like ages ago now, the day itself was so hot i think it was the hottest day of the year so Jess found it very difficult but got through it.

Peter was a little shy when we first met at their engagement session but after that he was so relaxed, as you can see from these images.

The grounds of Woodbury Park are lovely especially for their couples session, so while their guests were enjoying themselves at the reception we wondered off with them so they could relax and some time to just relax.

Since Lucy & Peters wedding they have recommended us to many couples especially Nikki & Ben who's wedding we had the honour of documenting 12 months later.

Bridesmaid putting brides dress on

Wedding dress on four poster bed

Bride laughing

bride and groom walking hand in hand

Bride and groom holding hands during ceremony

Bride and groom kissing after ceremony

Bride crying

Groom placing ring on brides finger

Confetti with guests throwing over bride and groom

Bride with brides maids being funny

Bride and groom cutting cake

Bride holding groom for photo

groom kissing bride

Bride and groom walking away in field

Bride holding groom for photo

Bride laughing with groom

Bride kissing groom under tree

groom kissing bride and laughing

Bride laughing under tree with groom

Bride and groom walking holding hands

Groom holding brides hand showing wedding ring

two guests laughing

Guest blowing bubbles

Bride and groom walking in the grounds of woodbury park

Bride taking selfie photo with wedding guests

wedding guests playing Jenga

Bride and groom first dance at woodbury park Devon

First dance confetti canon at woodbury park Devon

Guest singing on the dance floor

Bride and groom sunset shot at woodbury park Devon

Guest in photo booth woodbury park devon


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